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Hi all,

When your time permits...

I was able to acquire some ribbon bars and would like your opinion on these:

1) First question would be; what about the authenticity?

2) 2 of the bars came with an ID disk to "Hans Freiherr von Welser". Can anyone confirm that the 2 bars actually do belong to Von Welser?

3) Identification of ribbons?

4) Is identification possible on the other bars?

- I'll post the images one by one -



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Hi Peter ,

Congrats to the nice bars , I was interested but the price went through the roof ;)

The ribbon bar in post 3 shows exactly the awards to Frhr von Welser exept the Bremen Kreuz ? Can anyone confirm that von Welser did get a Bremen Kreuz ?

He was not a Fighting officer , He was a High Staff "Ober Regirungs Rath" , I suppose a quite normal ribbon bar to such a person, with awards from a lot of different states.


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Greats bars, and no doubts about the authenticity.

I think the Austrian might be identifiable form the "foreigners" (Bavaria and Bulgaria), but I'm not into Austria...

The Bavarian red cross bar is rather not identidfiable to its wearer, I fear. Still a nice one!

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No Bremen Hanseatic Cross is mentioned in the Kriegsranglisten...

Strange, maybe they missed it ?

MVO III , EK II , Bremen HK, Heilige Michael III ,Jub M mit Krone, Landwehr JubM , Landwehr DA II , SaO III, Lippe Ehk , Schwarzburg Ehk , Reuss Ehk

Not bad without being fired at :cheeky:

Many soldiers in the frontline did not get more than a EKII ....

His medalbar must have looked nice

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