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Assad Sad Case: Is Rick Research The ONLY “Syrian” Collector ?


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These lovely though “mysterious” awards—at least as far as finding information is concerned—fell into my offline paws earlier this year. ALL that I know about them is included in the scan captions! Any additional information would be greatly appreciated, since I find Z-E-R-O “out there” in published literature.

The reverses are all plain.

Excellent quality, bronze—presumably Swiss or French-made.

These are from the next decade… reveal a transition from real enamel to plastenamel… and present one award I cannot distinguish the class of and another that I cannot even identify.

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I have a box full of Syrian medals, many were manufactured I try to look for the older and used ones.

-You can find that many of these medals are newer and in mint condition~ Just like when I go down to the Military Clothing and Sales store to buy medals I need to replace or added.

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