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Argentinian air force general ranks query

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Here are some more photographs in case they could be of some help:argentina5.jpg

The eagles are fixed to the boards by bolts and nuts. It appears the bottom two eagles have been on the boards longer, and the top one is newer and brighter. A promotion perhaps?




It also appears that the eagles have been nicely curved to fit the curvature of the boards.


And a close-up of the button, in case the crest may give a clue. The details are quite worn out, though.

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Hello The shoulder board with three birds is uruguayan and not argentinian ; the other shoulder board the wider , is argentinian and for a full dress uniform . is ornamental . and dont carries rank badges . for everyday use the rank badges were those wich appears in the site of insignias . on the cuffs or on shoulder boards . originally the cuff rank badges were black for everyday and gold for dress . and blck on the plain grey blue shoulder boards . The Fuerza Aerea Argentina general officers are called Brigadieres , existed three classes : Brigadier ; Brigadier Mayor and Brigadier General . today wears on the cuffs the bars and rhombus in matt silver colour and on the shoulder boards two to four five pointed siver stars with a mat silver device below an a border around the strap braided also in matt silver . Generally speaking Air force uniforms were not much bright but smart looking from 1945 till 1982 . after the war the Air force decayed . lack of budget lack of flying material etc the uniforms dont scaped to the rule . 

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Ulsterman : The first photo shows an Argentinian Army Colonel .wearing the full dress uniform of the NCOs School .the rank is carried on the braided shoulder boards . Three circular gold suns . over a disc of black cloth.and as a oak leaf motif braided in gold over the collar which carries too a serrated braid of gold . the circular badge on the front of the tunic collar is the emblem of the NCO s School .the badge like a gold and red cockade pinned on his right breast is the badge of the graduated Staff Officers.he is also a War veteran .The second photo is of a Honduran Air Force Officer .

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