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Sammlung von Heeresverwaltung Verfügungen

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I got this collection of books in the hopes of finding answers to a never ending list of questions. if anyone has anything they would like me to look up....feel free to ask

"Sammlung von Heeresverwaltung Verfügungen".

It's a 16 volume set with a 3 book set of regulations from1924 to 1935, unfortunately it's written in fraktur and will take some work to get through. I am missing bande II for 1941, however i might have located 1.

It was collated by Amtsrat Hermann Jacob, Amtsrat beim Oberkommando des Heeres.

It containsthe complete collection of army administration orders, decrees from the areas of cash, budget, grade, food, clothing, accommodation, construction, health and veterinary services with a detailed subject index of all previously published volumes

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There is a lot of conflicting theories about the "Abzeichens für Angestellte und Arbeiter des Heeres und der Kreigsmarine" people say it's for time in service etc,some say it's for the SS as well, and some say there is a gold version.........

Well this set of books put questions like that to rest.........it tells you who it is for, what it looks like, repercussions for unauthorised wear, How much it costs, who mkaes it and how to order it. You can even charge them and a discount for bulk purchases

I will post more as i discover things.

Thanks for looking


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What a gold mine!!!! I wonder if there is a Luftwaffe version?

I know, to bad I am missing the 2nd half of 1941. I would think that the OKL and OKM would have the same as well, Clerks etc always need to have the "rules", no matter the branch of service.......or country.

Have a happy new years my friend :cheers:

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You too Larry!! I hope that you have a very Happy New year. You are so lucky to have found this book. I would venture to guess that these prewar books were printed in much smaller numbers than the war year versions. I am sure that you will be able to find them!

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