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Diamonds Maker ?

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Lets keep this cordial, and avoid gloating. This has been accepted by everyone up until now... including you ;-)

Korrekt, Chris.

But I don't purport to be an expert on the Knight's Cross.

I posted this as an education for everyone .............. not to gloat.

I have made mistakes in my books in the past and have admitted my errors.

Some others portray themselves as infallible.

That's the issue.

Anyway, another learning point for all concerned.

No names, no pack drill. :)

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well Chris and all others.

I found out about these threads very late and didn't understand it

as I am not in to 1939 items at all .

and I was surprised about the conclusions in the beginning as well as the outcome

want to say ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

its not bad at all ,,,,just a learning experience that should tell us

that a firm logo presented not automatically means it was used as stamp .

al do in the list ,,,,,,,obvious silver stamps are pictured ,,, ( that is the confusion part off these lists )

and the details off these logo's indeed matter,,,,,,,,,,,, and can be Moore then just one story .

its to sad do that some colleges using the opportunity to use strong blaming and degrading words

in a case that is just an misjudgement off data

what is a perfectly human and logical thing

as this kind off data is not present on the internet anywhere so ...

it is logic

we all have to learn how careful we have to analyse these things to be sure .

and not getting carry'' d away by enthusiasm to much ,

a valuable lesson fore future presentations

as there is more in the barrel ..and we are all equals in the same boat .

regards kay ,,,( and thanks )

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its not bad at all ,,,,just a learning experience that should tell us

that a firm logo presented not automatically means it was used as stamp .

That is the whole thing in a nutshell....

The Logo and the stamp do not need to correspond... and just matching the companys initials to the stamp on a ring can go pretty wrong as well.

This list is a great find, but it is raw data that needs careful interpretation.



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