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New Year Honours List 2012

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Hi Jean-Paul. All of these knighthoods on the front page are for Knights Bachelor (KB). This is the oldest order of chivilary in

Britain - over 800 years. However, it ranks below all of the Orders (Knight of the Garter etc.)

Until 1926 they had no official badge but, after petitioning King George 5th. they were granted their own insignia. This features the items

necessary for a Knight - sword, belt, spurs.

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Yes, this badge was worn 1926-1973, when - still not satisfied - they requested a neck badge instead! The actual design of the badge was retained, they just were given a yellow-edged red neck ribbon to hang it on.The ribbon is not worn on a ribbon bar (although some senior police officers ought to be reminded of this, some of them wear it on their 'racks'!).

Badge 1926-1973:

Badge since 1973:

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