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Cossack Swords and current market prices...


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I have a cossack sword I bought many years ago in 1998 when such things were still within my grasp...

Now having spent many years in a cupboard (not me, the sword) I think now would be a good time to part with it. The only problem is I'm finding it very hard to value it. I can't seem to find any other examples for sale. I contacted a couple of dealers, but of course, they want me to come up with a figure.

I was thinking around $1900, but is this right, too much, not enough??? Really I have no idea about these things any more.

The pics are here if you'd care to take a look. http://s1106.photobucket.com/albums/h361/vladtheman03/Cossack%20Sword/

I'd appreciate any comments from the community here.

Many thanks.

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Vlad - whilst I agree with Kevin that this would have been better on the Members Identification section - this is not going

to be an easy question to answer.

I would advise that you send a copy of the photographs and your enquiry to the following two militaria auctions in London. Thay should be able to assist.

Wallis and Wallis


Sussex. UK


Militaria Dept.

St. James Square

London. UK.

Best wishes. Please let us know how you get on ? Mervyn

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I thought I'd let you know how I got on with finding a valuation for this.

I contacted Christies as you advised. They got back to me within a few days stating that they had very few records of any troopers swords for sale (they mostly sell the higher end officer's types) so a valuation would be very difficult. They asked for my number, which I provided a couple of times, but no further response.

I also contacted Wallis and Wallis, no response. I tried several edged weapon dealers - one who informed me it was a fake and he wouldn't go anywhere near it and another who offered me $500 for it.

I recently did a search on ebay and found this:


A similar model, similar condition, a little earlier, however, it sold for $1502.

So there we have the current value (more or less).

My sword will be appearing on ebay imminently with a similar price tag (buy it now or best offer).

Best regards,

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Vlad - thankyou for letting us know how you got on - and I'm sure we wish you the best of luck at eBay. Hopefully

you will get your price. Your dilemma with this sword is a common one - people contact us thinking that we will have

prices at our fingertips - unfortunately this is not always so. Your experience with Christies is common - most of

the major auction houses will only show an interest in higher priced items. Most of the London houses will not take an

item unless it can fetch at least 5000 pounds ($8000).

Judging from the dealer offer and the last price at eBay, you hopefully, will get something in the region of US$1000.

Please let us know the final result ? Mervyn

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