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Sucker born every minute... FAKE EK Boxes

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If the EKs are good then someone got a deal.

The auction was for the case only - no EK's included!

I know very little about cases (and even less about jewellers custom cases), but this one doesn't look like a period example to me.

It looks more like a converted jewellery or cutlery case.

Then again, of course, I could be wrong....

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...but this one doesn't look like a period example to me.

It looks more like a converted jewellery or cutlery case.

Then again, of course, I could be wrong....

Then we'll be many in the group, I was thinking the very same thing... :whistle:

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Well, the Kipp label torpedoes it... I called the firm... they never sold anything like this, it is according to the grandson of H Kipp for small spoons or knives... not medals ;-)

There is certainly a sense of Deja vu, haven't we seen this before.


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Chris - couple of points - my German is not good.

1. Is this an original box for the firm - or, have they added the label ?

2. How was the Iron Cross applied to the lid ?

3. They appear to have had a plastic inside box made and then covered it to match the lid. Or, is it all false ?

4. How genuine are the medals ?

Dependent on what you say , then surely this is a total case of fraud through deception. This being the case then the German Police and ebay should be informed ?

Surely, as the World's leading Militaria Forum we have a duty to use our knowledge for the benefit of Members and the public ?


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The medals are not part of the deal.

You can tell the EK was crudely stenciled on the lid.

And Chris confirmed with the firm they never ever made this...

Like Mervyn says, a clear case of fraud.

Chris, you going to contact eBay?

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no point in contacting ebay...

Boxes like this were not issue, they were privately bought... or the vet took a cutlery box and made one for himself... ergo... if made in 1920 or 2010... it is a "private piece"...

The seller makes no statement about age.... you are buying what you see...

So... technically, no fraud...

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Puhh , When I read his feedback I can see he sold fake boxes for more then 10 000 Euro :banger::banger::banger::banger: and probably not one of the Etuis sold was real !! A good business indeed , most seems to be old cutlery boxes often seen sold for one or two Euros. He has acouple of negative feedback but most people is probably ashamed for being fooled and dont say anything......

One guy giving neg feedback got the answer " He is from Chile and dont understand anything....."

As you said its a sucker born every minute


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This would be not bad if he had left the outside blank... of course, the materiel is probably a give away.... but it is geting closer.... the major difference, it is all new... not an old cutlery box redone for awards...


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Its like watching a train wreck happening.... fake inside and a simple postcard stuck inside the lid... and at EUR116 at the moment !?!?!?!

Where do they find brain dead buyers like this????


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Simply unbelieveable! €171.90 :banger:

Still, you have to hand it to the guy, he isn't even making the effort anymore, they are poorly made conversions and people are still falling over themselves to give him money for them.

I'll bet he cannot believe his luck - buy a cheap case at a junk shop, maybe an hour (at most) adding new inserts, a couple of photographs, plenty of fools.... money in the bank!

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