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Co. K. 3rd Bn. 7th Cav. 1st Cav Div KIA heart to African American


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thats pretty cool, but I think there is a bit of an error... you are thinking of Percy SLedge... ;-)

Here is a question, does the fact that a soldier is African American influence the price?

I paid over market for a WW1 African American Purple heart, but I think the Ration of Caucasian/African American has cahnged a lot since WW1, probably making them more comman.



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Scottplen - A great find for you - is it usual for the Purple Heart to be given for KIA - or, do you think he had been previously

wounded ?

I have just been fortunate to buy a WW1 pair to a British KIA - in the UK they always have a premium - does this happen with US medals ?


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Hello in the 30s ww I wounded vet could recieve the PH not until 1942 did the US issue them to KIAs all KIA families recieved the Purple heart engraved with the KIAs name

it continued up to VN not sure if current KIA families get an engraved Heart ?

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