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Adjudant-Chef Roger Vandenberghe, died Jan.5 1952

Bernhard H.Holst

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Hello readers;

On the 5th of January, 1952 died the wellknown leader of Commando 24 based in Nam Dinh, ,the Adjudant-Chef Roger Vandenberghe. He was assasinated by one of his Vietnamese subordinates. He died together with his mistress and many members of his unit during an uprising by turned or infiltrared enemies. Adjudant-Chef Vandenberghe was Chevalier of the Legion of Honor and recipient of the Medaille Militaire. He was preceded in death by his elder brother Albert who died for France the 6.June 1948 in Tonkin.

A survivor of the Commando 24, Sergent-Chef Tran Dinh Vy, Medaille Militaire, became a Colonel in the National Vietnames Army and was able to escape to France. He served as a Colonel in the French Foreign Legion and the Historical Service.

This writer was aware of the reputation of the Commando 24 and the uprising in early 1952 while on active service with the 1. REC in Tonkin from 1951 - 1953. The reconstituted Commando 24 served alongside our regiment on occasion but never regained the efficiency of the former.

It may be of interest that Adj.-Chef Vandenberghe did not receive the rank of Second Lt. or promotion to Officer of the L.o.H. after death.

Source : "Vandenberghe Le Commando Des Tigres Noir" by Charles-Henri De Pirey, former officer of the 1.Chasseurs.

Bernhard H. Holst

ex 2.Groupement Amphibie of the 1.REC

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