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Just surfed into this site and thought I would put up some images of small German collection uniform items.

M1907 Feldrock to the 3rd Bav Fuss Artillerie


M1913 Feldrock nach Lansdsturmschnitt to the 3rd Pioneer's and a real messed with version to Infantry


M1908 Mantel (not 1005 sure if that is the year of intro and the M15 Mantel


Trikofabric Hemd made in Baveria and marked to BAII.

M1907 Mannschaften Tuckhose im Grauen.

M1915 Bluse--Saxon.


Marking on inside of the 3rd Fuss Art. M1907--Actaully started out life as an Infantry 1907 and with the 19IR. Was sent to the 3rd when that formed and converted. It has a KonigPriz (Kind of Strange--Blue backing removed before a fixing and I'm not sure original to Feldrock)

Marking to Saxon M1915--139th Reg't and whats not shown is it was to the 13th Company.

Tuchhose with size marks and Guards Depot Bekleidungsampt.


Hope this is of interest.

Joe Sweeney

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Thank you.


Collected is a better term for my German stuff--I have not picked up anything new since the mid 90's--Mortgage and wife saw to that.

I also have a bit of French stuff that I wll post in the French or collector's area--same category--collected although I do pick-up a thing or two occcasionally.

Take care,

Joe Sweeney

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