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Unknown Iraq Saddam Medal

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Unknown Saddam Hussein Medal

Well as you can see my contact in Iraq has found another strange Saddam medal, if you look at the cheap construction you would say it is from the Orders Medals Factory of Iraq.

I have seen many badges of the insignia of the Saddam Hussein side view face but not in a medal.

This is a two piece construction top mount is a badge with the 1991 Iraq Flag Banner marked “God is Great”.

The Ribbon is a plastic type that was used any many of the medals manufactured by the Orders Medals Factory.

I am not sure what this medal is for nor am I sure if this piece is authentic, I do look forward to hearing what you all have to say about it.

Thank you

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Very interesting. Do you think that it could be some sort of membership medal?

Paul good to hear from you; I am not sure some are thinking it is a celebration badge or a want to be Fed medal of some sort.

It appears there are many other commemorative and celebration medals out there that have never been written in the Iraq Government Gazette.

I do have a few badges of the inscription which are in many different colors and sizes.

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Ammar has posted this same medal on the Iraqi Militaria Forum and asked what we thought of it.If I was to see this medal at a military show or on ebay, I would think it is a fancier Saddam Portrait Medal. There are many kinds of Saddam badges with him facing many different ways. Your sample has a nice patina on the reverse and the ribbon is used on other medals. We may start to see more different badges and medals come out of Iraq so we can't just judge something different as a fake or fantasy item. Finding proof one way or the other will be the hard part.

Posted is a Saddam Portrait Badge in my collection and is also on page 98 of my book that has a similar design as your medal but Saddam is facing a different way.


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