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Saxon officer ribbon bar to Major Rudolf Uth

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Hi everybody,

Here is the last gift from my wife. Thanks to her

This ribbon bar belonged to Major Rudolf Friedrich Ludwig Uth (1880-1928)

Fähnrich : 25.08.1901

Leutnant : 22.08.1902

Oberleutnant : 23.005.1911

Hauptmann : 21.05.1914

Major : 01.04.1923

His ribbon bar is composed by following ribbons :

SH3 : 7.01.1915

SA3aXKr : he received the crown to SA3aX : 1918 / SA3aX : 20.01.1916

EK2 : date unknown

HHO3X : 29.09.1917

BMv4bX : date unknown

HH : date unknown

ÖM3K : date unknown

He also received the EK1 : date unknown

Here is Uth in the Reichswehr Rangliste and the ribbon bar.


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Hi everybody,

Here is the last gift from my wife. Thanks to her

Can you start a thread in the Lounge explaining how to train them?

Do you teach a woman about medals and stuff, then let her loose with some money... or do you leave it on the computer screen and moan and sigh until she takes the hint and clicks the "buy it now" button...

I must confess, I have tried both methods but dont seem to get any results.... :-(

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