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A nice ribbon you have there Robert.

I'm sure that you are already aware, but for other members who do not know, Martin Luther was a priest & professor of theology, who was born in 1483. He also wrote a great deal on anti semitism

The Volksmissionarischen Bewegung were big on Martin Luther's preachings, here are some items you may like to see.....

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Yes Don I absolutely want to see these. Hitler's rise in 1933 to co-ordinate with Martin Luther's 450 birthday. A great way to bring the Lutherans into the fold. The fact that the years are on the reverse shows such importance. I don't recall what year the Concordat with the Vatican was reached but to achieve Weltnauchung (sp?) with the Lutherans is something. Wre they not the majority religion in Germany at that time? Thanks again. Robert

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I am beginning to write a journal article on the tinnies associated with Martin Luther in the first half of the 20th century. These posting about this are very informative.

Any help in cataloguing the dozens of tinnies portraying Martin Luther and his Luther-rose would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Dr. Harmelink, President

International Association of Reformation Coins and Medals


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