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Luftwaffe TSD Judicial OberstLt Tabs

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Here are a set of TSD Judicial tabs. These come from the same source as the Sonderfuhrer tunic. The TSD Officers were once Administrative officers. Due to a shorage of commissed officers in the Luftwaffe in the last months of the war, the High Command wanted to augment certain Administrative Beamte into the regular Luftwaffe. Among these officers were paymasters, personnel officials, attorneys, and courts martial judges.

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You are right. The Admin, Judicial, Air Traffic Control Officials, and etc did have triangles instead of eagle. In November of 1944; however, the Luftwaffe(and other branches of service) were having problems with meeting the manpower needs of the Officer Corps, so came up with a plan to help create more officers.

This plan involved augmenting physically qualified LW Beamte of certain specialties into the military as regular officers, instead of keeping them as non military officials. This created the TSD triad:

Judicial(JAG, Judges, and etc)- Wine red waffenfarbe

Admin(Pay and personnel, supply, and etc)- Light Blue waffenfarbe

Construction(civil engineers and etc)- Black waffenfarbe

As a part of this shift, they traded in their admin/officials insignia for the new military version.



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