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The Illusive Post Office Rifles

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Dear board members,

I am wondering whether anyone can help me clear up the issue of the 1880s uniform of the 24th Middlesex (Post Office) Rifle Volunteers. For a relatively well known unit, I have found it difficult to find definitive information on their uniforms. From what I have been able to gather, they were raised in the 1860s and originally wore grey uniforms. In 1884/1885 when a few of the men left for the Sudan as reservists in the RE, they wore RE uniforms, but this seems to pertain only to that handful of men that went out on that campaign. The army lists of the 1890s describe the Post Office Rifles as wearing green tunics with blue facings. What about in the 1880s? All of the artistic depictions of the Post Office Rifles show them wearing blue tunics (or frocks) with green facings and charcoal grey trousers. Those images showing them departing for, or in, Egypt also depict the men wearing black valise equipment. Is this accurate? I would appreciate any information or suggestions that might help me clear up this issue.

Thank you,


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