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Great War French items

Joe Sweeney

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Here are a few of my accumulated French items from the Great War (photos are not the best):

This is a Mle73 Capote to the 4IC.



This photo shows the issue stamps.


Mle 84 Kepi to the 20th Infantry with cover.


This photo is of a 2nd Type Mle 14 Poiret capote with Mle 1914 Kepi.


This is a back vierw of the same Capote


The next Capote is the 3rd type Mle 1914 to the 58th R d'Inf.


With a view of the back.


This is the interior of the 3rd Type Mle 1914 and is dated 1915.


This coat has a wound stripe stenciled on the sleeve.


I have the Mle 77 Capote to the 2nd Infantry and a mle 15 Capote's to the 77th and 99th Infantry but for some reason have no photos.

Hope this is of interest.

Joe Sweeney

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Some mor small items.

This is a photo of some of the small equipment issued to a Poilu.


The next photo is of the M1912 dargue can opener--Look familar?


The next is of a S2 gas satchel with early Gas goggles.


The next is of a TN gas mask, Meyrowitz Rubber Gass goggles and an Oval Tin.


Joe Sweeney

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back in thr 90s I was lucky enough to come across several of the Mle 14 capotes.

Here is a third one of mine (3rd type) that has had the skirts shortened. It has equipment on circa early 1916 and a mix of Pre-war, material du fortune and wartime rivet construction--all are either dated or of construction not continued after the war.



I found a picture to my 77th Infantry Mle 15 Capote. I don't have a picture of the interior stamps but it is dated and marked to the 77th.


Joe Sweeney

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Of all the capote pictures shown only one has a costumers stamp and that is the 2nd type mle 14.. As a matter of fact the interior shot above is I think to that coat as it shows the blanked out costumers stamps and not the 3rd type (58th) as I have described above. All of these are storage now and the 3rd type type had a dark Commision de Reception stamp and a 58th D Ligne stamp inside.

Joe Sweeney

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