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The card seems to have been sent from Ursula von Oppell, so I assume it is her husband... (Hubby von Oppell)

Any idea what his awards are?



The one below the EK1 looks very much like the Mecklenburg war cross.


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Ah, what would the weary world do without weary Ricky?

Karl August von Oppell (1886-1928)

Buttonhole: EK2, MMV2, HH

Mecklenburg Fusileer Regiment 90 (have wartime Stammliste-- back later with scan of his entry)

Leutnant 17.09.06 U6u

Oberleutnant on 28.11.14

Hauptmann 18.04.16 Z5z

char major iG aD (Staff GenKdo 57)

HOH3X gazetted 13.07.18 so this dates before that but after promotion to Hauptmann. Mecklenburg Schwerin Rolls to be published A.D. 2009. Hamburg Hanseatic Roll to be published... ???

(Lazy Research Gnomes LIKE it when there is only ONE suspect. Weird names help. :catjava: )

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1921 Officers Stammlste of FR 90 reveals that he was immediately transferred as Regimental Adjutant of RESERVE FR 90... finally getting captured by the French:

It does NOT specify in which battalion he'd been pressed to serve as a fill-in commander from being on the higher staff-- but then they fail to note his HOH3X here also. He was out of regimental ken. The "B" at end indicates he'd placed a photoon file with the Regimental Association.

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I think there's a medal hanging, but I don't recognize it... maybe a Prussian long service award 2nd or 3rd class, if our guy used to be an career NCO?

Or a Landwehr award 2nd class, if it's smaller than it seem to me... ?

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#1 dates the photo to at least 1911, #3 to 1913. It could be either the 2nd or 3rd class.

Notice: he apparently did not want to buy battle clasps for his 1870/71 medal, although he had about 20 years to think about it!


#3 can also be a Landwehrdienstauszeichnung for 5 years.

Regards Andreas

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