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Russian cossack medals (Ataman Platov)

Boris Voinov

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Commemorative medals

with “Sayings” of Cossack Ataman Count Platov M.I.

Historical Information. The medals are related to a very famous historic figure – renowned leader of Cossack Army during the Patriotic War of 1812 PLATOV MATVEY IVANOVICH (1751-1818)

Cossacks together with Platov M.I. Covered themselves with immortal glory in the War of 1812 as well as a part of allied troops during the liberation of the peoples of Europe from the bloodiest wars of Napoleon era. There is a memorial erected to commemorate Ataman Platov M.I. In the Cossack capital he himself founded – the City of Novocherkassk. There is a portrait of Platov M.I. In the Gallery of National Heroes of the Patriotic War of 1812 in the Hermitage State Museum in Saint-Petersburg.

There was also a battleship in England named “Count Platov” to commemorate M.I.Platov's merits. He was also awarded with an honorary diploma of Oxford University.

The popularity of Platov M.I. And his Cossacks in France could be traced by the fashion that appeared in Paris to hear “a la Cossack” hairstyle – tall women's hairstyle that resemble Cossack hats (sheepskin hats); there are also bistro-cafes, from the Russian word Bistro (Faster), that Cossacks used to hurry up the traders.

Description of the medals: at the top of the front side of the medals there is an inscription “Sayings of the Unforgettable Count M.I.Platov”, and at the bottom - “Friends 1818”. On the back you can find his strong words that involve some folklore language. As inferred by M.I.Platov's biographers: “He had a sharp tongue and very immoderate with his expressions”

One of the medals reads:”Don't f**king beat about the bush with your d**k. Speak the truth”. He was greatly respected among the Cossacks for this personal aspiration for the truth. Generally speaking, this aspiration for the truth, justice was typical for all the Cossacks and was reflected in the “Cossack Code”.

Other medals contain much stronger expressions.

The set consists of 4 medals. Material is silver. Method of production is casting. The diameter of the medals is 42-46 mm, width is 1.8-2.8 mm (it is different from medal to medal)

Conclusion. The commemorative medals with the “Sayings of Ataman Platov M.I. Constitute unique historical monuments because are of direct relevance to the historical figure and are very rare. As of today it is known only of 2 medals of such a kind: one is in a private collection, another is in a State Museum of History in Moscow. According to the report of Russian Academy of Sciences, they are of a great historic and antiquarian value. constitute historic monuments"

Annex 2 (continued)

Photograph of the front of the medal (with retouch)


of the unforgettable

Count M.I. Platov

Friends 1818

The text of the “Sayings” on the back of the medals:

  1. Don't ######ing beat about the bush with your dick, speak the truth”;
  2. If you, my friend, are short of luck, you can get a clap from your own sister”;

NB: the Russian equivalent to the word “clap” which reads as “khuyerik”, was used as a slang word for the most wide-spread STD in the previous century Russia – Gonorrhea.

  1. Our Mother E. used to be ######ed by seven with another seven waiting for their turn, and she would still scream: “Keep 'em coming!”;
  2. Any fool can ###### with a hard dick, but why don't you try to ###### with a flaccid one”.

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Were they made for award to each other? (Exchange?) To other Cossacks?

I had seen his name a few times when I came accross modern Cossack Orders and medals but this is the first time I took some time to read his biography, quite an impressive man! It's rare to see a soldier reach such a high point in his military career to decide to return to his roots and a simpler life. I think it's an additional tribute to the man's character.

Thanks for pointing me that way... :cheers:

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