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Order of the Red Star, 350297,

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Award Card

Order Booklet B 070679

  1. Last name: Gladkii
  2. Name and patrionymic: Nikolai Parfirev
  3. Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
  4. Gender: Male
  5. Birthyear: 1911
  6. Birthplace: Piryatin, Poltava Oblast
  7. Party membership: since 1st May, 1939
  8. Education: mid-level
  9. Nationality: Ukrainian
  10. Time in Red Army: 1941-1946
  11. Place of service at awarding: 11th Artillery Regiment, 73rd Rifle Division, 48th Army – Deputy Regimental Commander for Political Units
  12. Place of work at present: village of St. Saltov, Deputized by USSR Ministry of Purchases for Repair Items
  13. Home address: village of St. Saltov, Selsovet Crossing #1

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1. Awards:

Designation Serial Number Awarding Organization

Patriotic War II 34.455 48th Army dated 9.08.43

Red Star 350.297 48th Army dated 20.11.43

Red Banner 127.887 48th Army dated 28.08.44

Patriotic War I 177.660 48th Army dated 17.04.45

Combat Service Medal n/a Edict dated 26.10.55

Victory over Germany Medal

Capture of Koenigsberg Medal

Verified by St. Saltov Regional Military Commissariat captain on 27th January, 1947

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Award Sheet

1. Last name, name, and patrionymic: Gladkii, Nikolai Porfirevich

2. Rank: Major

3. Duty position: Deputy Commander for Political Units – 11th Artillery Regiment, 73rd Rifle Division

Recommendation for the Order of the Red Banner

4. Born: 1911

5. Nationality: Ukrainian

6. Party membership: yes

7. Previous combat: since 25th April, 1942

8. Wounds or shell-shock: n/a

9. In Red Army: 1935-1936 and since 27th June, 1941

10. Inducted by: Staro-Salto Regional Military Commissariat, Kharkov Oblast

11. Previous awards: OPWII by 48th Army Order #12/N dated 9.08.43

12. Home of record: Stalingrad Oblast, Kikvizinskii Region, Don-Yakushi Hill

Short description of personal combat feat or accomplishment

Serving as Deputy Commander for Political Units in combat 9-11 September, 1943 and fulfilling the Command’s combat mission to build a crossing with his forces across the Desna river Krymskii Bugor, Gremyachevskii Region, Chernigov Oblast under enemy artillery and mortar fire, he personally led his crew in delivering construction materiel, preparing the approach to the river and construction of the crossing, resulting in the headlong work of his personnel and capable organization of the crossing and its construction in the shortest time. Afterwards while at the crossing, despite the enemy artillery and mortar fire he personally directed equipment, munitions, personnel, and horses across the river without any losses, thus enabling the successful advance of our infantry.

I am thus submitting Comrade Nikolai Porfirevich Gladkii to be awarded the Order of the Red Banner.

Signed Commander, 11th Artillery Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Aistov on 25th September 1943

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Endorsed Commander for Political Units, 73rd Rifle Division, Colonel Aleksandrov on 5th October 1943

Endorsed Commander, 73rd Rifle Division, General-Major Sm(?) on 6th October 1943

Endorsed Chief of Staff Political Section, 42nd Rifle Corps, Guards Colonel Lasa(?) on 9th October 1943

Endorsed,(?) 48th Army, Colonel Miftakhov on (?) October, 1943

Endorsed Commaner, 42nd Rifle Corps, General-Major Kolganov on 15th October, 1943

Recommended downgrade to Order of the Red Star, 48th Army Artillery Commander, General-Major of Artillery Timotievich on 24th October, 1943

Edited by Bill Garvy
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