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Hi all,

Could anyone tell me wheher the Silver cross of merit of the house order shown below is original or not. According to the seller it weighs 31 grams. It is 57.9mm high including ribbon ring, 41.2 mm wide and 7mm thick. What I know about this medal is that it is made out of silver and less than 400 were awarded. To tell the truth, i'm asking about it just because it is not common, and therefore i am being very cautious. (And not to moan, but it is quite an expensive buy for a 16 year old :blush: )

Thank you all for your help and time,




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Hello Matthew;

I don't see anything that jumps out at me suggesting that it is fake. I wish I could see some better photos with better detail, overall measurements and maybe some edgewise photos but I can understand that there isn't any time.

If this is a good auction house, you can return it if false. If its ebay....that is much more problematic.

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If I read the Schwark's book, it is said that the medal has the following size and weight :

Carl Büsch (1888-1914) :

High : 45 - 46 mm ,

large 41-42 mm

thick : 6,5 - 7 mm

weight 26-30 g

Sy and Wagner (1898-1899) :

High 45,7 mm

large 42,2 mm

Thick : 6,6 mm

Weight 28 g

Zimmermann (1918-1919)

High : 45,8 mm

large : 41,3 mm

Thick : 6,4 mm

Weight : 26,3 g

Only 392 crosses in silver were awarded during 1888-1918.


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Argh, I missed this auction...Could you inform us about the result?

It was a typical silver cross, made by Carl Büsch, Hannover...a earlier one.

By the way, my cross (as shown below) has also a weight of 31.1 grams

Best regards


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