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french made medals


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As I know, those Bravery medals marked "BRONZE" are official award types from ww1, made of bronze instead of silver, or gold.

If the BM is from kriegsmetall and it is not marked for bronze, it is postwar award type.

Sometimes you can also see mark "UNECHT" instead of mark "BRONZE" on official kriegsmetalls.

Systematically, it hasn´t anything to do with Frenchies.

Correct me if I am wrong. Regards.

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Surely, imperial austrian orders have been made in France too. I am not sure whether they should be those bearing the "BRONZE" mark. As said above, it's a 100% austrian mark to indicate a medal made in gilt or silver-plated, non-precious metal.

French medals made in bronze, often bear a stamp struck on the rim, in the form of a pointing hand (this, during 2nd Empire) and the mark "BRONCE".

Best wishes,


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