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Unknown possible veterans item - help please!

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DKFA > Deutsche Krieger-Fechtanstalt

The badge is for the lowest "rank" in an honouring system > Fechter.

With "Fechten" is here not meant fencing! "fechten" is an old German word for "betteln" > begging

The members of the organization are begging for orphanages. The more donations they begged, the higher the award.

There had been other organizations like this, e,g, the "Fechtanstalt des Deutschen Kriegerbundes".

Please see page 116 - 121 scroll up and down:



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very cool.

The one thing missing was the Hamburg Ehrenzeichen (Deutschefeldehrenzeichen) but there's a ton of information in the book. There is also a REALLY good book on Saxon veterans associations and I have seen another on Bavarian associations too.

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The Saxon book is in a box buried deep in my attic and almost impossible to reach at the moment (due to my wifes' house renovations), but a GREAT little book is:

"Reservisten In Baden-Wuerttemberg" : Freiburg, 1992 by Andreas Maase and Henning Volle . 3000 examples (privately published).

I think it was redone @ 2002. It has no ISBN number. (Abe books.com is a good source)

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