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Family history request... Joseph Pike

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Hoping this is the right section for this... if not please feel free to move it. I'm hoping one of our members might be able to help me find records or information on one of my wife Kim's ancestors. I don't have a ton of info but here's what I have:

Joseph Pike born c. 1792 in Manchester (County of Lancashire) England. Was a shoemaker by trade. Served in the British Army against Napoleon. Was taken prisoner before the Battle of Waterloo and held in Luxembourg around 1812.

He later settled in Germany where he changed the family name to Peik which it's been ever since.

I'm hoping against hope that there may be some record(s) of his service in the British Army at that time. Also wondering if he received or was entitled to any medals. Also any info as to the unit(s) he served in, where he served, etc.

I found a site... findmypast.co.uk but seems you need to be a member to come up with info. I did a search and it did come up with one listing which may be him but as I'm not a member I can't view the info.

Will keep my fingers tightly crossed that one of you may be able to help out with this.

Many thanks! :beer:

Dan :cheers:

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Unfortunately, none of the Joseph Pike's on findmypast.co.uk in the British Army Service Records 1760-1915 fit with the facts you have for your wife's ancestor.

Only one of those Joseph Pikes was born before 1830. That Joseph was born in Hungerford, Berkshire (transcription says Buckinghamshire but that is an error). He served 1799-1814. Enlisted at the age of 17. Civilian occupation: Labourer.


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