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This seems like a very reasonable tabulation, from what seems to be an impecable source....

Official German Losses

William F. Fox, Lt. Col. In the book…

“Regimental Losses in the American Civil War 1861-1865”

797 950 German troops into battle

28.777 Killed or died of wounds 3.1%

85.482 Wounded.

14.138 Missing

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To add to the confusion, I'll provide numbers for 1870/71 published 1922 in "Vom Sterben des Deutschen Offizierkorps", p. 75 by way of comparison to the casualites of WWI

Total strength of the German Army: 42,420 officers, doctors and Beamte 1,451,992 NCOs and other ranks Total strength: 1,494,412

KIA or died of wounds: 2, 264 officers, etc, 39,149 NCOs , etc for a total of 41,413

Wounded: officers etc 4,239 NCOs, etc 84,304 for a total of 88,543

Grand Total of casualties: 6,503 officers, 123,453 NCOs, etc for a total of 129,956


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Well, the casualties are sort of close if one combines "missing" with KIA.

David Stone and Warwo have numbers that are similar but I suspect its comparing apples to oranges as in one Bavarians and others are counted and in the other, only field units are counted.

Looking more closely in the library this just goes to show you to recheck original sources. Stones' book is a fun read, but he used the 1973 Osprey book for a LOT of his OOB and casualty information. Warwo clearly looked wider and came to no conclusions.


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Andy's strength figures from "Vom Sterben des Deutschen Offizierkorps" tally exactly in respect to those as given in Appendix 197 of volume 5 of the official history - Der Deutsch-Französische Krieg 1870-71. The total losses as given in Appendix 201 are again pretty much in agreement, with the figure for NCOs and soldiers being the same, although the total casulty figures for commissioned officers are given as 6157 plus 81 medical officers, 4 padres, 3 Zahlmeisters, 1 Intendance official and 1 Provisions official. These figures are totals as at the beginning of the occupation and do not take into consideration any casualties after that.



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