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Belgium in the Second World War - a few artifacts

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Hello guys,

I'd like to show you some of the Belgian army bits I have that are connected with the Second World War.


A Second World War type Belgian Adrian helmet. This one is said to have been found near the beach at Dunkirk!

Some cap badges:


1 = Pre war Lion (for use on side caps - tounge has snapped off)

2 = German-produced post war version (1945-7?)

3 = UK 1940-1943 Version


Belgian Army in the UK badge, this one was excavated (hence the condition) from near the base of the 2nd fusileers in the UK.



Early type MkII helmet of the Belgian contingent - certainly not a post-war reissued example! Note the mud/sand/sawdust mixed up in the paint to make it less reflective!


Group of patches from a soldier of the Piron Brigade (post-1944 type)


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