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L15..so whats the story on these......

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I have been on a bit of a sabattical for a few years for a variety of reasons. One thing I caught a glimpse of when I came back was Darrell Simpsons mentioning he viewed L15 items as being fake/repro. Would someone care to clarify what the situation is on these?

Otto Schickle made KVKs in both classes and with and without swords. They are either unmarked or marked L/15. After mid 1941 Otto Schickle was no longer allowed to produce orders and medals of the period past 1933 by order of the PKZ. The LDO number "L/15" was never reissued. It has been established by research and personal interviews with the person concerned that L 15 marked orders and medals, especially those which use mixed hardware from Vienna manufacturers (Orth, Souval, ..), are post war productions, using left over parts. It has been argued that the use of L 15 (w/o the "/") was an early mix up by Orth with his PKZ number "15". This is not supported by the evidence, especially because there are post war fakes with 100% new parts also marked "L 15".

I personally consider everything marked L 15 a post war production.


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