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Coast Guard Ice Breaker Veteran Mini Medal Bar

Paul R

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While this medal bar is unnamed, it is a great representative of a pre 1990 Ice Breaker sailor. It was too awesome to pass up for the low price.

. My reasons for dating the medal bar prior to 1990 are:

1. The Good Conduct Medal, with the "Zeal, Obedience, and Fidelity" reverse was replaced with the words, "Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty" in 1999.

2. The National Defense Service Medal was authorized from 1990-1995 and again from 2001 to present. The only time period where a person with at least 12 years of service would go through without on would be between the Vietnam War until Desert Storm(1975-1990)

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Although US medals are usually unnamed, you can still tell a fairly specific story of the person's service and I like that. That is a nice solid group with plenty of deep water time for a Coast Guard sailor. I learned a while back that most icebreakers, like the Polar Star, would usually do two deployments to one polar region, and one to the other during a commission which adds up to a lot of sea time for sure. Nice set.


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