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These were in an old bunch of photographs we found in a box. The Society for the

Preservation of Militaria - for whom I was President for 14 years, used to have a formal annual dinner

at the main military base. I thought these varied uniforms might prove useful for reference since

they cover a variety of ranks.

This first uniform shows an officer of a Volunteer Regiment - Natal Mounted Rifles - together with a full time

South African Defence Force General. He seems to be a Brigadier here - but became a Major General.

From left is Captain Peter Maunder NMR - facing him is Major General LeRoux. He was the Officer in Charge

of Natal Province. His first major appointment was as head of 1st Para Bn. After 1994 the Army became the SANDF

and uniforms underwent some changes.


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This is Command Sergeant Major John Goodrich. He was the senior NCO in Natal Command

and I remember him telling me that he had over 240 Sgt. Majors' in his command. He is now

retired. I have no idea what he was gesturing to - perhaps we don't want to know ?

He is wearing the authorised mess dress for regular army W.O's and his arm badge can

be clearly seen.


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