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Col John McCrae's medals to remain in Guelph

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Another interesting news story regarding the legal battle regarding the medals of Col John McCrae author of In Flanders Field:

A dispute over the ownership of Col. John McCrae has been resolved. It will see the medals remain on permanent display at the Guelph museum located at the famous soldier-poet's former home. Read the complete article: http://www.guelphmercury.com/opinion/columns/article/668830--questions-remain-in-legal-effort-to-keep-mccrae-medals-in-guelph


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I think the family are a bunch of Sour Pusses...

There used to be a fine story to these medals... Chinese Immigrant makes good and donates half a million to keep Canadian Medals in Canada....

Now there is a simple Dallas/Dynasty story, embittered family wants credit for donating medals that someone else payed for.

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Posted · Hidden by peter monahan, February 21, 2012 - No reason given
Hidden by peter monahan, February 21, 2012 - No reason given

I am glad that they are out there for the public to see. Also a big BZ to Mr Lee.

Hear, hear! I'm betting someone in the family sold them off in the first place 'causer he wanted beer money. After that, IMHO, you're done! I worked [very briefly] in a militaria shop and a lot of our stuff came directly from families of the men who wore / carried / earned the stuff. I'm sorry your Uncle Bert was a w***er and sold Grandad's medals, but that doesn't mean you're intitled to the stuff back gratis!

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