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Hello all, I just acquired a group of three documents to an Otto Albert August Muller (with umlau over U). He is listed as an underofficer, and Police Sergeant in the South West African police. #1. Copy on command of His Majesty King testifies to the fuer in affairs of the Royal Prussian Orden doing so that His Majesty the A young wounded soldier (Gefreiten)Otto Albert August Müller - troops for South West Africa the military decorations to make second-class status have resumed. The certification is this witness under our Unerschrift and seal has been issued. Berlin, the February 18, 1908. #2. Document contract: Otto Müller Police Sergeant Okahandja DSWA 1/8/1908. #3. Document contract: underofficer Otto Müller 20 August 1907. I know from limited research that a Corporal Otto Muller was taken prisoner at Gibeon 27 April 1915 in South Africa. I do not have any other information on him. Any help would be appreciated. Also does anyone know where the prisoners were kept? Also when they were released - and sent back to Germany? Thanks in advanced.

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My thoughts, after reading these documents (with very limited knowledge of German) :

1 (Vertrag) is Müller's employment contract with the Landespolizei, effective 20 August 1907.

2 is a letter from the government in Windhuk replying to a query about pay and allowances.

3 (Abschrift) is a certified copy dated 1923 of a document issued on 18 February 1908 confirming that he had been awarded the Military Decoration 2nd Class as a Gefreiter in the Schutztruppe.

It appears that Müller was a soldier in the Schutztruppe, rising to the rank of Gefreiter and earning the decoration. He then joined the Landespolizei, where he was promoted to sergeant.

Unless he was demoted for some reason, it doesn't seem that the decorated Sgt Müller of the police would be the Cpl Müller of seven years later. Neither 'Otto' nor 'Müller' are uncommon names -- there could well have been two or more men of the same name in GSWA.

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