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Chris Boonzaier

Unidentified WW1 Kaiserlich Deutsches Heer Signatures

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Major Wilhelm von Ivernois. He began the war as a Rittm. in Hus. R. 19. However, like many cavalry officers, assumed command of an infantry unit later in the war. He was also awarded the St. Heinrichs on 25.04.1918.


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Any ideas?

WW-1 is not my area so no idea of the unit etc. These belonged to a future member of SS-Totenkopf.

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The Lt.d.R. in FußAR 15 is Kraus, but that's probably too common to narrow down.

The OTL and Bez.Kdr. in Stralsund was Sibeth, Fedor Carl Franz Wilhelm, * 7.9.1862 in Nossentin, Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

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