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Luftwaffe Convolute - Question

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A couple of weeks ago picked up a small Luftwaffe convolute - EK2, Woundbadge, Ost medal, and Luftwaffe Erdkampfbadge all from a Gefreiter Helmut Schedlinski with the Luftwaffe ground personnel. The EK2 citation & the Ost medal notification sent to Schedlinski's field hospital (requesting entry in his Soldbuch) came under his time with Luftwaffen Division Meindl, indeed the EK2 document as appropiate been signed by Meindl. The Woundbadge & Erdkampf badge come under the time he was with XIII. Fliegerkorps whose commander was again Meindl. The question I've is, although the Erdkampf document is only a provisional award citation, Meindl has signed it, in what appears to be the Staff Quarters would the signature upgrade the document to a full blown citation document ? can't imagine that the protocol required a Commanding General to sign a provisional award document ? Any information welcome.

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Interesting question (nice set by the way). While I can't say with any certainty I don't think it would affect the status of the citation - but then again there is always the case that they didn't have any formal citations available and knew that in all probability this was all he was going to get.

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Thank you Gentlemen,

For your kind words, for the icing on the cake I woüld've liked to have had a normal Ost Medal citation and a more ornate Erdkampf citation, suppose I ought to be have happy with what I've got.

Kevin I too thought along the lines you suggest, for whatever reason they didn't have formal citations on hand and made do with these. I don't think for a minute that the award is invalid or the provisional document has any negative overtones.


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