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Regimental Stammrolle for IR 107

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A few days ago, I received a book in the mail, the likes of which I have never seen before or even heard of. It is the "Stammrolle ehemaliger Angehöriger des sächsischen 8. Infanterie Regiments "Prinz Johann Georg" Nr 107." (Standort Leipzig), herausgegeben vom Königl. Sächs. Militärverein "107er" zu Leipzig: and contains information on nearly 1,800 former members of the Saxon IR 107. It was published in 1896.

What makes this book most noteworthy is that it contains biographical/military career infomation on all of the former members of the regiment beginning in 1867- to include NCOs and enlisted soldiers, as well as one-year volunteers.

Common wisdom holds that information on enlisted soldiers is not available- this book puts an intersting dent in that notion.

Should anyone desire infornation from this book, just let me know.

An example of what the book contains:

Leibnitz, Karl Wilhelm. 1.IV. 1850, 1.X.1870 eingest. bei der 3. Comp. des Ers Bat. 107 Regt., 10.I.1871 z. 10. Comp. 107 Regt. vers., 1.X.1876 entl. als Sergeant. Feldz. 1870/71. Schl.: Bel. v. Paris. KD 70/71. LDA2. Vorst. des Kgl. Sächs. Mil. Ver. Kameradschaft Föhla b. Rittersgrün i. Erzgeb.- Föhla b. Ritettersgrün i. Erzgebirge, Waisenhaus Verwalter.


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I wonder what where they got the detailed information.

It was published by the veteran's organization of the regiment, so they would have had access to all the regimental records, making this as official as we could ever hope to see.
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