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Edged weapons from Kingdom of Serbia/Kingdom of Yugoslavia

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Great collection Sajkaca :)

Catalogue is also really great, and considering number of pages and color pictures in it I would say very fair priced as well.

I got my copy just recently, so I think that even though it has been out of print for a long time it is still availible :)

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Mauser 1924B sword bayonet for use with the 8 mm Puska 98 rifle. The Puska 98 was a German Gewehr 98, modified to approximate the FN M1924 Short Rifle. This bayonet was originally made as a German M1898/05 bayonet by C.G. Haenel in 1917. The original German markings are still visible.

From 1939–1941, the Uzice Factory, in Yugoslavia, converted captured World War 1 German Gewehr rifles and M1898/05 bayonets to conform to the M1924 specification. Approximately 20,000 rifles and bayonets are believed to have been converted before the Nazis overran Yugoslavia in 1941.

The bayonet's blade was reground to the M1924 blade profile, so that the M1924 scabbard would accept it. This was key to making the bayonet useful, as the Yugoslavian belt frog would not accept the wide 98/05 scabbard. Some examples retain the original German grip scales, while others (like this one) have crude replacements with the diagonal serrations running in the opposite direction. The muzzle ring is still intact unlike other examples where it has been removed all together. The bayonet is stamped M1924B.

This seemed like a difficult process to undertake. May have been easier to just make a new one? Either way, another example of a rare Yugoslavian converted bayonet.

Photo with muzzle ring removed (not in my collection)

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Knife bayonet for use with the 7 mm. M1899, M1899/07, and M1910 Mauser rifles. This bayonet was made for Serbia by Plumb in 1915. The bayonets were marked with "Plumb" and the year of manufacture on the ricasso. However, additional bayonets were made in 1915 by Plumb for commercial sale, using the leftover parts from the Serbian contract. The absence of any markings identifies this example as probably a contract overrun piece that Plumb made for commercial sale.

The Serbian M1899 bayonet is one of the few double-edged Mauser bayonets. The grips are secured by high-domed rivets, with washers. The crosspiece is also secured by high-domed rivets. The M1899 bayonet was also made by Simpson & Co. of Suhl, Germany in 1899–1906, Oesterreichsche Waffenfabrik-Gesellschaft, Steyr, Austria from 1907 to 1910 and some by the Vojno Tehnicki Zavod (BT3) in Kragujevac, Serbia.

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