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Unknown case for Order


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...I have bought this case, but not sure for wich order its made...

Measures - case: cca 110x62x17mm

- cross: cca 54x38mm

..any idea? The case seems to be austro-hungarian made, maybe some german order (maltese cross, maybe crown over it)...

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I think it is a custom made case. The only order that springs to mind that could fit it is a knight's badge of the Hannoverian Guelphic order (post 1837 type issued up until 1866) maybe some other members will have better ideas, certainly does not look Austrian.


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Thanks for your opinions, I am afraid that the only possibilty to find out if its really this one, is to try to fit in a real decoration.... :) what is in this case unpossible :D but.. i am not sure, think Order of St. Peter is 43mm sized, so a bit too big for this case... (54x38mm)

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