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Order of the Red Banner "D"

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I was rescanning and reframing some of my collection when I rediscovered this sweet ORB.

I was told the "D" below the serial number stood for "duplicate" as this was actually a replacement for a lost or stolen item, is this correct?

If this is so, does this make the Order less attractive to potential buyers? Or does it, on the other hand increase the Order's value due to the rarity of such "duplicates"?

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Very nice Red Banner, in my extremley limited understanding, I have seen duplicates of other awards being sold with the duplicate status seen a positive.

Hope that this applies to yours.



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I have not seen too many of these. When they are found, how much does a basic dupilicate(non attributed) ORB go for on today's market?

I got this some years ago at a very reduced price out of gratitude for helping a lady catalog and price a quite substancial collection for auction. I have no idea what this would go for at today's prices.

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The "D" does indeed stand for duplicate, but since it's relatively easy to remove the original serial number, the majority of "duplicates" on the market are fake (or rather, original Red Banners but with the original serial number removed). It takes the eye of an expert to determine if yours is real or not, I really don't know. Many people are indeed willing to pay a premium for duplicates, since they are scarcer than normal pieces, but I have personally never been interested in them... To me it's just a newer Red Banner with less history behind it.

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