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Any Evidence of pro-German sentiment including organisations in pre WW2 Poland?


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Any Evidence of pro-German sentiment including organisations in pre Ww2 Poland?

Gents, just something that came into my mind after reading through a book called:-


it was published back in the 1960's by MCFADDEN of the USA.

"At 05:00 am on September 1, 1939 the Germans crossed the border into Poland, he refers to "(Polish) Army transports operating on secret schedules were located by Luftwaffe planes and bombed at their terminals. . . .

Mobilization centers and staging stations, presumably known only to the upper echelons of the Polish High Command were found and smashed by German planes. . . . .

Munitions dumps and and oil stores to the last isolated gasoline depot, were blasted, nothing of military significance escaped. . . . . .

Among the mysteries the case of Leczyca was the most enigmatic, it was a town of only ten thousand people, in the district of Lodz, off the beaten path of armies, devoid of anything of interest to any invader. It had a garrison of only one hundred and fifty soldiers and they had been hastily sent to the front, leaving the town without a single soldier, and yet squadron after squadron appeared over the small city, until Leczya had the unhappy distinction of being the most intensely bombed area for its size in the world. it withstood 16 raids but on the 17th raid the secret munitions store concealed at the location was detonated in a cataclysmic explosion. . . . . .

He further states that other secret trains, dumps, airfields etc.. etc.. were equally disposed off by the prior planning from intelligence gleaned from "spies".

Is there any evidence to be found to substantiate a theory that pre - immediate war with Germany there were "Polish" nationals who were pro-Fascist, any Polish based pro-Fascists organisations similar as to what could be found in other European countries, like the British Union of Fascists under Mosley, The Romanian Iron Guard, etc.. etc..

I am sure immediate post occupation by the German Armed Forces there were ethnic Poles who aided the Germans in their occupation, as much as any pro-communist Poles aided the Soviet Forces annex their area of Poland.

The question itself when proffered in front of any of Polish nationality is as, a red rag to a bull, some resolutely denying that a Pole could stoop so low as to do such an act of treachery.

Any comments, facts, info & pictures welcome.

Kevin in Deva.

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Hello , Just now I read your post . The theme is highly sensible . but the facts were the facts . First ,existed among the popoulation of Poland a good number of ethnic Germans . Second The Polish Army was the de facto ruler of the Country and their commands were if not pro germans at least rightists and not leftists . Third ,the Antisemitism was current in Poland and the Anticomunism . The Poles were confronted to the eternal dilemma ,Prussia or Russia , Marshall Pilsudski and colonel Beck the foreign minister searched an aproach with the nazi Germany and signed a Treaty in 1934 . Poland take her piece of the desmembration of Czechoslovakia in 1938 and only the soft attitude of Great Britain and France in front of Hitler prevented a more thig colaboration between Poland and Germany.

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