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Why did Bavarians have better Prussian Docs?

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It is not so for all bavarian EK docs of course, but if you were to choose the best 20 looking EK docs, probably over half would be Bavarian.

I an wondering if it was because they were catholic.

You see this at bavarian flea markets, intricate and byoootiful certificates for Confirmations, Baptisms, etc. etc.

I think being catholic gave the Bavarians a tradition of relatively expensive multi coloured certificates and probably a larger number of priners geared up to do this kind of work.

Even the smaller uglier documents.... most bavarian units seem to have found a printer to do unit specific documents and avoiding Generic documents that could be used for any unit.

Of course, there are exceptions, but this seems to be a trend...



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Was flipping through the docs again today... I notice the Guard regiments usually ALSO have nice docs that are unit specific, more so than the regular infantry and "others"... but not as nice as the Bavarians...

Would be interested to see if anyone has a very intricate, colorful and complicated doc to post?

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