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Army Pilot Badge Evolution


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Very interesting point of view was expressed recently regarding badge in posts #161-164 and #175-178.

It is fake because a) rays penetrate the feather array at the top and b) the star is brazed onto the badge, not riveted.

Let`s discuss this ;)

These are the places we are currently interested

"Normal" rays

"Nomal" riveted star

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Insciption reads (thanks Chris for your generous help with translation! :beer:)


School for military pilots at Tachiarai Fukuoka Prefecture

Left side:


1st inaugural class for officer candidates

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Reverse inscription is hard to read, but it`s obvious that this badge has engraved (!!!) insciption and riverted star (!!!).

Two kanji on the lefy look like name "Ikeda" (thanks Chris! :cheers:)

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Now let`s return to this couple of badges from posts # 161-164.

Both badges appeared on the YJ this summer.

First badge was sold on YJ on June 19

Then on August 18 it appeared together with second badge (without pin) on other YJ auction

where only badge without pin was sold.

October 7 this badge without pin was sold on eBay.

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