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Wolfers Maker Marks on the Belgium Orders.


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Hi there,

I have seen Wolfers Mark only on Grand Cross and Grand Officer Breast Badges

I have few lower classes Orders made by Wolfers, however they are not marked

Can someone list a picture of Wolfers maker mark



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Hallo Graf, the Belgian specialist Guy Deploige mentionned in an other forum these elements for Wolfers.

freely translated :

"the Wolfers Company was in business :

G. Wolfers circa 1840 till circa 1870

G. Wolfers et Fils (guilaume and Gustave) from circa 1870 till 1888

Gustave Wolfers / Maison Gve Wolfers from 1888 till 1930

Maison Gustave Wolfers S.A. from 1830 till 1960

Ancienne Maison G. Wolfers from 1960 till 1975 end of the Wolfers Company ".. So the mark you show us is probably from 1888 till 1930, but more certainly after WW1).

For as far that I know, the Wolfers dit put a medallion at the back of the gd cross and gd officer "plaques", but just the belgian silver mark for the smaller decorations (and generally on the suspension ring). You can also find usefull information on :


Best regards, JP

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Hi JP.

Thank you for your reply.

I have few orders -lower classes by Wolfers all are not marked, however they are well known Wolfers

I also have few miniature by Wolfers -also unmarked, but identified as Wolfers.

You correctly picked-up the period of the Plaque -it is 1920-1930 GO breast Star by Wolfers (identified by few experct including Guy)

It is listed in the Leopold Order forum

It is interisting fact, because Wolfers was one of the best maker at his time and never bothered to mark the lower classes. It let the quality to speak for itself



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