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This is my first post, I am collecting pictures of german soldiers in occupied Norway.

I start with a photoalbum I bought last year, it came with four “urkunden”.

The album contains 34 images.

If there is interest for it, I can post all.

These four “urkunden” belonged to the Hauptmann der Luftwaffe Karl Wilh. Heuser, who was commander of a squad of mechanics (approx. 26 ) who was stationed at Bjoelsen school (Bjølsen Schule) in Oslo most likely between 1942 and 1945.

The first award he received was Ehrenkreuz der Frontkämper, received 21. February 1935, this is signed by Der Polizeipräsident I.A. Weidell. Frankfurt an Main.

The second: Die Medaille winterschlacht im Osten 1941/42 (Ostmedaille), received 27. August 1942, signed by Colonel der Luftwaffe ZELLER, Johann (Hans). 01/25/40 Obstlt., KDR appt. Lw.-Bau-Rgt. 5/XI (still 01.41). 01.01.41 promoted to Colonel (Wm.). (nd) Colonel, Stabsoffizier d.Lw.-Bautruppe bei OT-Einsatzgruppen Wiking (Oslo).

The third: Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2. klasse mit Schwerten, received 30. January 1942, signed by Kommandierende General und Befehlshaber im Luftgau Moskau, Generalleutnant Veit Fischer. Stationed in Norway? or visit, a little unsure if he was here, but according to the date he was here, or he got it by mail.

The fourth: Das Verdienstkreuz 1. Klasse mit Schwerten, received 11.. May 1945, signed by (unfortunately a stamp) Die Kommandierende General der Deutschen Luftwaffe in Norwegen, Generalleutnant Roth.

Attach some photos, the first is from Bjølsen School, Oslo, the other is of Fischer and Roth, Zeller, I have not found a picture of.

Corrections and additional information would be appreciated.

Regards Erik.

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Very interesting!! I have never heard of a LW Mechanical unit before. Can you please post more photos.

Also, do you have any Heer photographs of the 236th IR? If so, can you please post them as well?

Welcome to the GMIC!!!


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