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Japanese Dress Sword


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There are several members who speak Japanese however the problem may be that they are not interested in swords and are just not reading your post.

Give it some more time and perhaps someone with that skill will answer.

I do collect Japanese items but don't speak or read their language, so I can understand your frustration.



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Paul is correct on the left column but incorrect on the inscription on the right. The top kanji reads 'AWARD [GIFT] 贈.' The next two kanji read '短現,' which is an abbreviation for the short service (2-year service) required of the Japanese university graduates. The full phrase is 'tanki geneki shikan 役士官.' The next two kanji may be ichi dan 一團, (一圓??) which could mean 'first group,' but I'm not sure what that signifies. Anyway, what is confirmed is that it was a gift to someone who served, perhaps in the Navy. (Not sure, but I think the above phrase referred to Navy service.) Not a maker name nor a person's name at all.

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