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Is there anyone who can give information (units, awards) of the following soldiers?

* LEDERER, Hans-Wolfgang born on Dec. 6, 1894 - died on July 7, 1985. During WWII he certainly rose towards the rank of Oberst (promotion 01/03/1942)

Looking at the birthdate he probably also saw action during WWI.

Cordial greetings and thanks in advacne

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Thank you both! So we do know the following about him so far;

WWI service:

* Infanterieregiment Bremen (1. Hanseatisches) Nr. 75


* Infanterieregiment 11 (Reichsheer)

WWII service: During November 1942 a short while commanding officer of the Stab Lederer => the precedor of the Division von Broich.

Units known after this date?


* Leutnant (at the end of WWI)

* Oberleutnant: 01.04.1925

* Hauptman: ?

* Major ?

* Oberstleutnant?

* Oberst: 01.03.1942

Awards known so far:

* Iron Cross 2 nd class (WWI)

* Iron Cross 1 th class (WWi)

* Wound badge (grade?)

* Bremen Hanseatic Cross

All extra info is very welcome + thanks in advance

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He was promoted Leutn. on 10.08.1914 without a commission. When he entered the Reichswehr he was given a date of rank of 01.10.1917 as a Leutn.. He was promoted to Hptm. 01.04.1933. In May 1933 he was on the staff of the 1. Division in Königsberg; in October 1935 he was commander of the 14th company (Panzerabwehr) of Inf. R. 56 in Ulm, and he assumed command of Pz. Abw. Abtl. 6 on 01.10.1938.


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