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The second sword was given as a gift by one officer named Kemmer to another, Vondran. (Kemmer s/l Vondran)

They most likely went to the same Kriegsschule from fall 1909 to May or Jun of 1910 and exchanged swords at graduation.

They were both commissioned as Lts. on 16.06.1910 with a date of rank of 20.06.1908. Kemmer went to IR 88 and Vondran went to IR 99. In late 1913 Kemmer transferred to IR 97 and then by spring 1914 had left the army.

At the beginning of the war, Vondran was temporarily detached from IR 99 to FAR 84. He was killed in action 25.08.1914. According to the casualty lists, his first name was Paul and he was born in New York!


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Andy, that's great info, many thanks!

Your dates for the Kriegsschule tie in with the obverse inscription - 'Danzig 1909-1910'. Obviously Danzig became very important 30 years later, but there must have been a school there for Infantry Officers prior to the Great War.

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All tangs on these blades are marked even if the blade is not marked .Does anybody have a list of tang marks and what makers they refer to .I have deduced "C.E." is "Carl Eikhorn" but what is A.O. +" .Could it be "Alex Coppel " which I would have thought would be "A.C.S." ?

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This is a Colonial IOD as used in the China Campaign .Note the incredible deatil of the Imperial Eagle on the fixed basket gaurd .Note the eagle is looking the other way over its right shoulder . The cypher on the sharkskinn grip is also the Imperial Cypher.

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