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"A breakdown of the original 22,282 Gold Party Badge awards can be found in the publication "NSDAP Partei-Statistik 1935," Vol. 1 published by the Zentralverlag of the NSDAP in 1936, and includes an exact breakdown of the Golden Party Badges awarded by location, percentile, sex, etc. Sadly it does not break it down by name. As far as can be told, there is no complete listing of holders of the Golden Party Badge, although the "SS Dienstaltersliste" lists several thousand members of the SS who were holders of the Golden Party Badge and gives their corresponding NSDAP membership numbers. Complete membership lists of the NSDAP (some 8+ million NSDAP membership records) can be accessed at the Berlin Document Center and several archives in the United States. It is not, however, easy work."



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