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My "Typhoon" submarines badges and medals

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Here is my collection of soviet/russian "Typhoon" submarines badges and medals:


I started it 20 years ago and I'm still looking for new items!..

The green board is 40cm X 50cm (15 3/4" X 19 3/4").

Most of these badges and medals have screwback. It's very convenient to attach them to a support! As for me, I use what we call in french "carton-plume" ("feather-cardboard", word by word):


It's 5mm thick (2/8"). It's a kind of sandwich made of dense foam between two layers of thin cardboard. This material is at the same time stiff and very light. It's very easy to cut and to pierce.

I cover a side with adhesive coating which looks like velvet:


It's easy to apply.

When I add new badges, I remove all the badges and medals and I take off the green coating, I put a new one, then I redo the positioning of the badges and medals. This can be quite a long task (around two hours)!..

Here is the back side of the frame:


The change in position of badges every time I find new badges is a long work. But the materials I use help a lot because they're cheap and very easy to use!

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