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Current Prices on an MG08 or 08/15

Gordon Craig

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A friend called yesterday to say that while in an antique store a couple came in with cell phone pictures of what sounds like, to me, an 08/15 which they wanted to sell. The store owner wasn't interested but my friend got the couples info and called me to see if I was interested. I sold my 08 and 08/15 several years ago but would be interested in this piece for resale. I realize that condition etc has a definite connection to value but I would appreciate it if someone could give me a ball park figure for a piece that is complete. I can do the math for the actual condition of the piece from that.



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Gordon..in the U.K. these guns (MG08/15) are anything between £4000 and £6000 dependant on where they are for sale, i.e. private or dealer, and these are for deactivated ones ! they rarely come up for sale , and when they do, they are quickly snapped up !.....I do not know of one for sale at this moment in time (in the U.K.)......"Wharton Militaria" was the last one I saw for sale, about six months ago.... Even restored "ground dug" examples fetch upto the lower price I have quoted, obviously dependant on condition.

Prost ! Steve.

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Gordon I have only just seen this post but there are a few of us interested in MGs here :o . Is this item still for sale as I buy items from Canada? Pse email.


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