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I've read a few forums on this medal but cannot get a true history of it. We're trying to figure out if this came from someone in my family and it's meaning. Can anyone give me a background on this medal? Who it was awarded to? How many were awarded? It's value today? Any information is greatly appreciated.


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The pieces accepted as "issue" types have the same suspension as yours and the engraver's name "R. KOWARZIK" in raised letters just below the neck truncation. I can't tell from your photo if the name is there. It is scarce with both Nimmergut and Gert Efler showing a total number of awards of 300+ with slightly more going to women than men. It was awarded by the small German state of Waldeck for home front war relief and welfare service.

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Hi !

According to Gert Efler (Die Orden und ehrenzeichen des Fürstentums Waldeck und Pyrmont), this medal was awarded 315 times during 1915-1918 period (140 men and 175 women) :

- 1915 : 0

- 1916 : 94

- 1917 : 101

- 1918 : 120

At all, 375 medals were in the end awarded...

The medal was created on 1915, and was given to people working in social welfare and private charity (a lot of red cross personal were awarded...).

Mine, with correct ribbon :



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