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Hi all. This is one piece from a grouping that Nick's (Obergefreiter) brother in law got from a WW2 veteran who brought them all back. He sent the collection to Nick for ID, valuation and hopefully sale.

Nick and I met over in Devils Lake at the coffee house again last week... I took my Epson and did scans of just about everything in the collection save a bit of documentation (not award docs) which he'll be getting scanned back at his library.

An Infantry Assault Badge in very nice condition. No idea if this is a desirable maker... and any opinions on value would be a BIG help!

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This one is a nice F. Zimmermann, silver grade. The solid Zimmermann's can be found with several different hardware set ups. The first hardware set up would fit into the raised guides on the reverse; a long barrel hinge and a elongated oval catch plate.

Yours still has the raised guides but is using a sheet metal hinge and a shorter, oval shaped catch plate.

Further along in the progression of the solid FZS examples a crimped in attachment method for the hinge and catch was used eliminating the need to solder the set up in place. The raised guides can still be seen on these first crimped in variants.

Finally, the crimped in examples are seen without the raised guide lines on the reverse. Obverse details remained the same throughout.

Although not as rare as some of the other examples, it is a desirable IAB especially in this condition.

Best Regards, fischer

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